New Mills Helping Hands has set up this new group as an urgent local response to the current COVID 19 situation. We aim to provide a forum to support members of the community to help one another, to relieve the potential pressure on the Foodbank during these challenging months. We are still NMHH and ultimately have the same mission as outlined below:
New Mills Helping Hands is a community response group set up to support local people who are suffering financial hardship. We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation for the benefit of local people. We are not affiliated to any political party and consider the group to be politically neutral. All involved are volunteers, offering their time, talents and energy and/or financial resources.
Our primary concern is to provide practical support to those in need. We help local people on the basis of need alone, without judgement.
Our aims are:
– To give practical support by providing food and household consumables to those in need.
– Signposting our service users to other organisations who may be able to assist with underlying circumstances.
– To publicise the existence and purpose of New Mills Helping Hands
– To liaise with local organisations and individuals who provide financial and food donations
– To co-operate with and support other local organisations with similar purposes.
In joining this group on Facebook, we ask that you consider yourself to be a volunteer working with us for the same aims as outlined here. Posts that do not comply with our mission will be removed. Should you require more information, please email us: www.helpinghandsnewmills@gmail.com
Many thanks for your support.
We are hoping to help the wider community and have decided to print and share a kindness card for covid-19 community aid. This group is also for sharing ideas, information and advise.
Concerned about neighbours feeling isolated due to corona virus fears and the growing problem of loneliness in society, then why not offer help with a kindness card.
Fill it in with your details and post through the letter box to any locals/neighbours you know of that are possibly vulnerable and might need assistance.